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Atomized Iron powder

Atomised Iron Powders have high Purity resulting in high compressibility and high sintered density. Atomized Iron Powder have irregular particle shape and therefore provides excellent green strength.

Atomised Iron Powder is produced by disintegration of a thin stream of molten Iron through the impingement of high energy water jets. After atomisation powder is dewatered and dried.

We can offer Atomised Iron Powder in the range from A.D. 2.9 gm/c.c. to 3.6 gms/c.c.


Atomised Iron Powder is typically used for Applications like:

Sintered P/M Parts: Iron Powder is compacted to desired shape and sintered to get the strength.

Stainless Steel Cutting: Iron Powder is used in the Steel industry for cutting and scarfing of Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel by injecting Iron Powder in Gas Cutting Flame.

Diamond Tool: Fine Mesh Iron Powder is used in Diamond Tool industry.

Welding Electrode: Iron Powder is used as a coating component for coated welding electrodes and as an important constituent in cored wires.


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