69,Industrial Area
Ratlam (M.P.) INDIA

Pusher Type Furnace

Pusher Type Furnace used for the Sintering of Metal Parts, Reduction or Annealing of Metal Powders, having Controlled Atmosphere. Offered with variety of sizes from muffle to operating temperatures. Maximum Temperature offered is of 1120 Deg. C.

Features :

Muffle Size: Muffle opening size, length of muffle are offered as per customer’s requirement, based on their product.

Debinding / Pre-Heat Zone: Generally offered only for Sintering Furnaces, but may be provided if customer’s process requires the same.

Hot Zone: Length of Hot Zones are as per the customers requirement, also the Operating Temperature will depend on their product. Typical temperature range based on the application:

Powder Annealing/ Reduction 600 – 1000 Deg. C.
Sintering of Metal Parts 900 – 1120 Deg. C




Pusher Type: Mechanical Pushers are also offered for Feeding Trays/Boats in the Furnace.

Heating Controls: Thyristor based for smooth controlling of temperature & better life of Heating Elements.

These are offered full muffle type (with or without muffle in Hot Zone) having muffle opening and length of Hot Zone as per Customers requirement. Maximum Operating Temperature offered is up to 1120 Deg. C. These Furnaces have been different zones like Pre-heat or Debinding Zone, Hot Zone or Sintering Zone, Jacketed Water Cooling Zone, Feeding and Exit Doors, Flame Curtains, Control Panel etc. suitable for any Protecting/Reducing Atmosphere. Mechanical Pushers are also offered for Feeding Trays/Boats in the Furnace.