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Sponge Iron Powder


Sponge Iron Powder has a very porous structure resulting in a very low Apparent Density (AD). Thus it is widely used in applications where larger surface area & porosity is required like Self-Lubricating Bearings, Sintered Bushed, Welding Flux. High purity can also be achieved in Sponge Iron Powder.

It is offered as per customer’s requirement of Flow Rate, Mesh Size etc. Typical specifications of Sponge Iron Powder for different applications are :


PM Sintered Parts

Mesh Size Apparent Density
100 mesh 2.4   to  2.9 gm/cc


Welding Electrode / Welding Flux

Mesh Size Apparent Density
60 – 100 mesh 2.4  to  2.9 gm/cc


Body Warmers

Mesh Size Apparent Density
80 mesh 2.4 gm/cc


Stainless Steel Cutting

Mesh Size Apparent Density
80-100 mesh 2.6   to  2.9 gm/cc


Oxygen Absorbers

Mesh Size Apparent Density
100 mesh Below  2.3 gm/cc



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